1. This is an individual match game event open to all USBC members. Entry fee is $135.00 per person if paid by February 11th. After February 12th, entry fee goes to $160.00. Junior bowlers will be allowed to bowl provided they sign Rule 400 waiver, or have any money won deposited to their scholarship account.

  2. The previous year's winner will receive a free entry into the qualifying round of the current year's tournament provided he/she meets all other tournament qualifications.

  3. Qualifying squads will be Saturday February 23, 2019 and Sunday February 24, 2019. Qualifying will be 10 games with total pin fall establishing finalists. Bowl 2 five game blocks on the same day of qualifying. "A" squad on Saturday & "B" squad on Sunday. Maximum number of bowlers each squad will be 72. Match game competition squads will begin Saturday March 2nd at approximately 9:00 am and continue on Sunday March 3rd at 9:00 am. Finish position for all bowlers eliminated at the same time shall be determined by total tournament average (qualifying total pins plus match-play divided by total games bowled). One Lane courtesy will be the rule for all competition, in qualifying and in match play.

  4. Check in time will be 45 minutes prior to scheduled time to bowl in qualifying and match play.

  5. Bowlers will draw for lanes in qualifying and bowl five games skipping one pair to the right each game, then break for lunch, then return to bowl five more games. In qualifying normal league procedure will be used. If there is a breakdown and unreasonable delay, tournament management may make adjustments to the lane assignments and allow for warm-up balls as necessary.

  6. A "25 second" slow bowling rule will be enforced. The penalty will be; 1st offence, warning & put on clock, 2nd offence, you will receive "0" for all frames from that point on that you remain in violation.

  7. In case of a tie for 32nd place, those bowlers tied will bowl one additional game. Roll-off pair to be determined by tournament staff. The bowlers will draw for starting lane and bowler on the odd lane will start the roll-off. Contestants shall be allowed practice balls on each of the roll-off lanes. Should a tie still exist after this game a ninth and tenth frame roll-off will be held. Bowler on the odd lane will shoot first. Failure of any contestant to be available in case of a tie will constitute a forfeit. Bowlers tied for 32nd place will bowl the roll-off on the first day of match play at 8:15 am. In the event of a tie for any other position, the highest final game in qualifying will be placed in the higher position. In case those scores are identical, we will go back (1) game at a time until the tie is broken.

  8. If a bowler is unable to appear for the first round of match play, which will start Saturday March 3rd, an alternate will be given the opportunity to replace him/her in the schedule. Such alternate(s) will be the next high bowler(s) from the qualifying round. After the first round, no substitutes will be permitted. Non-appearance, regardless of cause, will constitute forfeiture of match and the player present will bowl his/her match without opposition to advance to the succeeding round. If the forfeiture occurs in the winners bracket, bowler must lose two matches to be eliminated from the tournament. Only one bowler will be assigned to a lane. The order of bowling will be according to match game procedure, with the bowler on the odd lane starting first. Bowlers start the first game of the series on the lane assigned and follow normal league procedures. If a match ends in a tie, a complete game on the same pair will be bowled with each bowler starting on the lanes where he/she finished previous game of the match.

  9. Each match shall consist of three games, total pins to determine the winner. If a tie occurs, see rule #7 and/or rule #8 for tie breaker. If still tied, ninth and tenth frame roll off will be held. Pairing for the round and all subsequent rounds will be according to a bracket board that shall be on display at the tournament site.

  10. In order to be eligible to receive the USBC Masters entry, a bowler must have a certified average of 190 or better for 21 games in the current season or in the last two years or maintained 190 averages in the last five consecutive USBC Open Championship Tournaments. Otherwise USBC Masters entry will be awarded to the highest finisher who does meet this qualification (USBC Masters Tournament rule #1). Winners of the two (2) Masters spots must notify the local tournament director by December 1st, whether they intend to use the spots or they will be returned to the local tournament committee.

  11. All bowling balls used in this tournament must meet USBC specifications. All equipment is subject to inspection by tournament management at their discretion or upon the written complaint of another tournament participant. Any equipment found to be out of compliance with the USBC specifications will be removed from further competition and subject the bowler to disqualification at the discretion of the tournament committee. Failure to have every bowling ball used available for inspection at any time during the tournament will subject the bowler to disqualification at the discretion of the tournament committee.

  12. No practice on the tournament lanes on days of the tournament, other than the practice authorized by the tournament staff.

  13. Dress Code: All bowlers must wear a "Name Shirt" with a "Butterfly" or "Mock T" type collar. Mock T Shirt must be bowling related, with bowling logo(s) and/or your personal name on the back. Plain "Mock T"s will not be allowed. Dress trousers, skirt, slacks, skorts, or culottes will be allowed. No jeans, shorts, or hats. A bowler failing to meet the dress code will be subject to disqualification.

  14. Withdrawals: After competition has started, a bowler must complete his/her obligation unless permission is given by tournament management to withdraw. Tournament management reserves the right to determine whether or not an injury is sufficient to allow for withdrawal. Failure to complete that obligation will result in forfeiture of part, and/or, all prize monies and awards, as determined by the Tournament Directors.

  15. Due to IRS requirements, no check will be issued to anyone who has not provided a complete and correct social security number.